by Ingo Vogelmann

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"Babylon (Akkadian: Bābili or Babilim; Arabic: بابل‎, Bābil) was a significant city in ancient Mesopotamia, in the fertile plain between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The city was built upon the Euphrates and divided in equal parts along its left and right banks, with steep embankments to contain the river's seasonal floods. Babylon was originally a small Semitic Akkadian city dating from the period of the Akkadian Empire c. 2300 BC."

I'm impressed by what people back then did. I mean, all of this stuff happened WAY before Christ, and all of us still benefit from the cultural wealth and technical inventions of that time. Since no one knows many things about Babylon for sure, I invented a sonic story about it. Any cheese, dark- or foolishness in the track is intended. It's a fantasy story.

I used original instruments from back then (paired with modern electronics), which may have sounded different, but again: no one knows that. This piece of music is my interpretation of things. Maybe you enjoy it, I hope you do. :-)

P.S.: In case you wonder why I didn't include a super-high-res-audiophile version here. Answer: simply because the file would be too big. If you want to have one super-duper-high-res-audiophile file (like lossless 96khz/32bit or so) for your $20,000+ hi-fi system, no problemo at all. Let me know, I will send you one. :-) Indeed, I used instruments in that track that are recorded in 96/32, so that even makes some sense.


released February 26, 2016
Written, produced, arranged, mixed and mastered (and all that stuff) by Ingo Vogelmann.

Artwork Credit (digital copy of the painting): Wellcome Library, London, The fall of Babylon; Cyrus the Great defeating the Chaldean army. Mezzotint by J. Martin, 1831, after himself, 1819.

Publishing & Copyright by L2 MUSIC, my own label, because no one would sign an almost 20 minutes track. If you happen to own a label and would like to, let me know.



all rights reserved


Ingo Vogelmann Essen, Germany

Making music speak where language fails.

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